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Monday, 25 January 2016

Pod Heritage 2016

Noel Gallagher’s current album is called Chasing Yesterday, which is quite apt as the Pod Heritage range is all about the original Pod shoes that were launched in 1976.

At that time Mick Jagger was singing about Hot Stuff from the Rolling Stones album Black and Blue and the original Pod shoes were available in
3 blue shades - baby blue, jean blue and navy blue and also black, among
a variety of other colours and the original Pod shoes did become
‘hot stuff’ very quickly.




You might be wondering why we mention Noel Gallagher and Mick Jagger in relation to Pod Heritage! Well this year’s Pod Heritage range consists of two popular styles, Gallagher, with a pin-pinch vamp design in grey and camel nubuck leathers, thick rope laces and authentic crepe soles. This design is a modernised version of one of the very first Pod designs back in 1976.

And we have the Jagger, another Pod classic with the quilted vamp design, thick rope laces, thick crepe soles and are available in burgundy, white and blue smooth leather.

You want more Pod Heritage! 
Three new styles are in development for 2016, so keep in touch via Facebook or sign-up to our mailing list.

So if you’re ‘Chasing Yesterday’ and remember the original Pod shoes or too young and want in on the trendy retro look, then why not take a look at this year’s Pod Heritage range! Hot Stuff!