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How Distressed Are Your Shoes?

Wednesday, 11 March 2015


The distressed look on leather shoes have been around for some time, and there are various levels from mild to the extreme, but sometimes we do wonder how far manufacturers will go with the distressed look?

Now you can even buy distressed sneakers, but really how long does it take for linen sneakers to look distressed anyway! Well this week we found something that went even further than we thought possible. They have been available for a few months but in case you hadn’t heard of this yet, Adidas have introduced the ZX 750 sneakers. This trainer is an iconic Adidas snow-white leather upper running shoe, and wait for it………
“With a clever mud-splatter effect”
Come on, why would you, if you really wanted muddy white trainers, just go and find a big puddle!
So after we had shared the image round the office and stopped laughing (at how cool it was), we thought we would take a look at the range of distressed shoes that awaveshoes has to offer. Our mildly distressed footwear include the Delicious Junction Tan Universal boot, and the Pod HudsonSawyerWalnutBirch and Glen. The Pod Sprint and Slider are our most distressed out of the box (they go perfectly with jeans), but these only look like worn leather, so we think that we are quite conservative, in not having any footwear in the extremely distressed category.
When we started looking further at distressed footwear, we found a lot of YouTube videos on how to distress your own shoes and boots. If you are keen to try distressing your own new footwear, check out this eHow Guide. We suggest you think very carefully that you want to do this first. We also suggest that you practice on a pair of shoes that you don’t mind ruining first, just to be on the safe side, as you don’t want to distress yourself as well as your shoes ;)
Disclaimer: We do not accept responsibility for any damage caused to shoes where an individual has decided to distress them using any method described or seen as a result of this article. Furthermore, we will not accept returns of shoes purchased once action has been taken to alter them using distressing techniques.