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Is The Summer On Its Way?

Thursday, 5 May 2016


The weather looks like it is starting at long last to warm up, the sun is shining and better still it has some real warmth in it and this is the time of year that we start looking at last year’s summer wardrobe and thinking about this year’s.


Are you a hoarder and never throw anything out even if it is no longer in fashion saying “oh it will come back into fashion again soon” or do you like to start all over again every year.


Well whether you are in the first camp of never throwing anything away or even the second one where you can’t wait to start shopping again for your new wardrobe, then we have something very special for you.

The Pod Heritage range, both styles the Pod Gallagher and Pod Jagger are styled on the original Pod shoe designs from the 1970’s & 1980’s with the designs having been taken straight out of the Pod archive & with creative input from the original designers, the collection has most definitely held onto its '70s soul!



The Pod Heritage range has quite a large following and as Pod only releases a new Pod Heritage range once a year, stocks don’t last very long and although they are sold as men’s shoes, they are also quite popular with the ladies.



The whole Pod Heritage range has been designed with love and such attention to detail that you can’t help reminiscing of the pairs you used to own, so why not take a look at the full range here and spoil yourself with a blast from the past with these comfortable yet stylish retro shoes.