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Pod Heritage in the news: Boutique magazine June 2016

1 CommentThursday, 30 June 2016


Independent British brand, Pod footwear is set to release original designs in celebration of their 40 years in the footwear industry.

Established in 1976 within the shoe manufacturing capital of Northamptonshire, the Pod brand gained acclaim for their unique Veldtshoen stitch-down designs, which became widely regarded as 'the original jean shoes'. 

Now branded Pod Heritage, the retro designs have been revamped in collaboration with the original designers and specialised production methods have brought the shoes into the 21st century. 

Director of the brand, Dennis McNeil comments, “The opportunity to work alongside the original designers has enabled us to preserve the authenticity of the brand throughout the development process, with meticulous attention towards each design detail, right down to the last stitch."

With the focus on the two most iconic designs;  the 'Pin-Punch' (Gallagher) and 'Quilted vamp' (Jagger) styles are comprised of super soft coloured leather uppers in full-grain and nubuck, natural crepe soles, double-row contrast stitching, full leather linings and woven rope laces, all complete with the original 'Podman' swing tag and 1977 Jubilee flag. Furthermore, through high levels of demand from dedicated fans and independent retailers, development of the ladies' twin strap T-bar sandal is well underway.

Not just a heritage brand, Pod has continued to expand their core business over the four decades into men's formal and casual, children's 'back to school' and infants' 'Podlers' shoes.  

Whilst the footwear industry remains highly competitive, the Pod brand has demonstrated its resilience over the decades by maintaining its philosophy of providing comfort and quality through continual diversification, investment and development. 

Read the article/magazine herepage 56.

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Janie Campbell
Wednesday, 23 November 2016  |  20:29

I have just received my first fist order of new pod shoes and boots my partner is over the moon a blast from the past he says and welcome with it. Heres tro another 40 years classic pod footwear