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Precious Little Feet

Thursday, 7 April 2016

There is nothing more infectious to put a smile on your face then listening to a toddler laughing, while they’re running around.

New Podlers Shoes


From the first moment that they start crawling to walking to then running around, they are learning, they learn about how their body moves, how they can get to what they want as quickly as possible, whether that is the dogs tail or their favourite toy.



Watching our children develop is one of the biggest joys as a parent, but to ensure that their precious little feet are also given the chance to develop properly along with their unique personality, you need to ensure that their footwear is also designed to fit correctly and comfortable and even better if they look great.



The new Podlers range for boys and girls not only look great but smell great, as they come with bubble gum scented soles. These canvas shoes are available in sizes EU20-26, they come in bright colours, with easy fastening and unfastening rip straps, and durable toe caps to keep their little feet protected from any trips or bumps.



Also new in to the children’s range is the Pod Kelly and Pod Katy for girls, both of these are a classic Mary Jane style in crinkle patent leather also with a riptape strap fastening and padded collars for comfort and allowing their little feet to breathe and grow, both styles are available in sizes EU20-35.



To view the full range of children’s shoes please click here.