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What makes a Pod Heritage shoe?...

Friday, 8 June 2012
We love our retro classic Pod Heritage shoes but what is it exactly that makes them so special? In our opinion, it's all in the detail, quality and comfort. Here are a few illustrations of what we think makes a Pod shoe. But what do you think? Go to the Pod Heritage facebook page to have your say...

  The 1977 Jubilee Flag

Whilst the Queen's Silver Jubilee celebrations were in full swing, the Pod men were hard at work putting the finishing touches to their shoes.

Not satisfied until the shoes were absolutely perfect, they wanted a little something extra to give a quirky edge to their already unique design. After much consideration, they decided upon an embroidered Pod woven label to add to the side of each shoe.

However, the factory was unable to make the labels in time for the launch and so, as the Jubilee celebrations came to a close, they stumbled upon a supply of just enough red, white & blue Jubilee ribbon as a very temporary fix.

Unbeknown to them, the Jubilee ribbon was mistaken for the French Tricolor flag which, at that time gave the shoes an added cachet. What started out as a short-term substitute soon became an instrumental feature of the iconic Pod design and so they decided to keep it!

The Natural Rope Lace

Also known as the round woolly lace. 

Made by us, especially for your Pods, you won't find it anywhere else.

  The Rich Soft Leather

As the saying goes, "you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear".

And quite right.

In fact, the use of soft, colourful quality leathers was one of the main reasons why Pod was brought into the spotlight during the mid 1970s. In those days, you had to break into traditional hard leather shoes and instant comfort as we know it today simply wasn't available. So along came Pod.

Footnote: All in the bag

Since 1976 we've combined soft leather hides and quality materials with our unique bag-lasted construction. So as well as providing your feet with unparalleled comfort, your Pod Heritage shoes will shape to fit the arches of your feet and will mould to your exact pressure points. Your shoes will become unique to you and only you. Man's best friend.


The Heavy Contrast Stitching

Not one to blend into the crowd, we like to highlight each individual twist and turn of the Pod design and what better way to outline those elements than with our heavy contrast stitching?

As the original jean shoe, the distinctive twin row stitch-lines can be seen from underneath every pair of Lois and Levi 501s.

The Iconic Pod Logo

Nevermind those three little words, in our books, it's all about those three little letters.

Simplicity in its finest form, need we say any more?

The Thick Crepe Sole

A natural shock absorber and insulator, the Pod Heritage crepe exudes quality.

Stitched comfortably underneath our distinctive upper designs, the thick contrasting sole makes our shoes unmistakably Pod.

And the 2ps in a Pod sock print? Well, we couldn't resist!







© by A. Richardson