School Shoes

The design and quality of our Back to School POD shoe collections reflect over 50 years of skill and expertise in the footwear industry.

We source the finest quality leathers and materials available and our factories have been selected for their outstanding ethical standards and high levels of quality control.

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Pod Girls Tina Black Shoes

Pod Girls Tina Black Shoes£40.00  -  £45.00

POD Girls Tatum Black Patent Shoes

POD Girls Tatum Black Patent Shoes£45.00  -  £50.00

POD Boys Remy Black Shoes

POD Boys Remy Black Shoes£40.00  -  £50.00

POD Boys Richie Black Shoes

POD Boys Richie Black Shoes£40.00  -  £50.00

POD Girls Marley Back To School

POD Girls Marley Back To School£40.00  -  £50.00

Pod Boys Angus Black Shoes

Pod Boys Angus Black Shoes£40.00  -  £45.00

Pod Boys Dundee Black Shoes

Pod Boys Dundee Black Shoes£40.00  -  £45.00

Pod Boys Paladin Black Shoes

Pod Boys Paladin Black Shoes£45.00  -  £55.00

Pod Boys Panter Black Shoes

Pod Boys Panter Black Shoes£45.00  -  £55.00

Pod Mens Panter Nutmeg Shoes

Pod Mens Panter Nutmeg Shoes£55.00

Pod Boys Percy Black Shoes

Pod Boys Percy Black Shoes£45.00  -  £55.00

Pod Boys Proteus Black Shoes

Pod Boys Proteus Black Shoes£45.00  -  £55.00

Page 1 of 1:    21 Items