Shoe Care

Created with a passion for style, quality and comfort, you can be assured your shoes have been made to last. As shoes receive more wear than any other items of clothing it is important that they are properly cared for to give lasting wear.

To preserve their great look and condition for as long as possible, just follow our few handy tips:

• Clean them regularly - they’ll respond to attention!
• Use the correct cleaning product for the upper material.
School shoes made in natural leathers will require regular polishing.
• Guard them from water damage and stains with a spray-on protector.

• Dry wet shoes naturally at room temperature, as artificial heat will damage them.
• Use shoe horns and shoe trees to keep them in good shape.
• Alternate them with another pair - give them a breather once in a while!

SUEDE requires special care:

• Remove dirt with a rubber or brass wire brush
• Use a suede cleaner for shoe renovation
• Avoide wearing your suede shoes in wet conditions.

Remember that your shoes are not waterproof unless it says so on the label, and that they will be badly damaged by machine washing.